Data Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I view a sample?

You can request a sample of any of our databases by contacting us by phone on 01626 777400 or by emailing contact@b2bdatasolutions.com

What information do you provide?

Every Standard business record is complete with the following profiled fields:

• Business Name
• Full Postal Address
• Telephone Number
• Fax Number*
• Email Address*
• Website Address*
• Contact Name (Key Decision Maker)
• Contact Job Title
• Business Type
• Premises Type
• Number of Employees
• Annual Turnover*

*Additional fields are provided where available.

In what ways can I customise my B2B Mailing list?

B2B Data Solutions sells pre-packaged lists, but you you can specify custom targeting by phoning (01626) 777400.  You can segment your dataset by one or more of the following:

• Postcode / Town / County / Region /
• Telephone Number
• Fax Number
• Email Address
• Website Address
• Industry type
• Contact Job Title
• Business Type
• Premises Type
• Number of Employees
• Annual Turnover

How do I receive my data?

Data is delivered directly to your specified Email Address as an Email Attachment in the multi functional CSV format.  other formats are available, please ask if you require it in a different file type.

When do I receive my data?

Data is provided by email attachment within one hour of receipt of payment confirmation.

How is the data collected/sourced?

Data is collected from multiple sources; including verified data brokers, directories, companies’ house and our own in-house data acquisition team.

Is there a minimum order size?

No – however for bespoke packages the minimum order value is £ 275.00

Are email addresses guaranteed?

Yes. Email data is susceptible to above average decay rates and bounces not solely due to the quality of the actual data. We offer a refund (per record) in excess of 30% of the original list.

Are the email addresses generic or non-generic?

The majority (60%+) of email addresses we provide are non-generic. However instances where a non-generic email is not accessible a generic email will be provided as an alternative. 

How many times can I use the list?

Data is provided on a multiple usage basis over a 12 month period. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.

VAT Related Questions

Should I be paying UK VAT?

In common with all UK companies, Business DataSolutions adds UK VAT to its prices (currently 17.5%). The majority of our customers are UK-based and therefore have to pay VAT in most circumstances. If you are based in the UK but are not VAT-registered, you still have to pay VAT.

How can I opt out of paying UK VAT?
Please contact our Accounts team, through our normal Customer Support numbers or by
| email |, explaining why you think you should be able to opt out from paying UK VAT.

What about the purchase I'm trying to make now?
Where we are satisfied that you don't need to pay UK VAT on a existing purchase we will refund the VAT made on the purchase - providing the VAT refund request and proof of exemption is provided with 5 working days of making the purchase. 

If you are in a hurry for your data, buy it with VAT included and we will refund the VAT element once we are happy you can opt out.