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About Us

B2B Data Solutions Ltd developed a reputation as a leading UK database provider with an innovative approach to supplying fresh, high quality B2B data.

In September 2010, Corpdata Ltd, bought and merged all the assets of B2B Data Solutions Ltd.  Corpdata Already enjoyed an unparalleled reputation for quality data, and this acquisition allows Corpdata to serve its customers even better through the added skills of B2B Data Solutions.

We have the specialised knowledge and expertise to ensure your marketing campaign is targeted and precise. We provide simple database solutions and deliver tailored products specific to your values, objectives, target audience and budget.

  • Multiple Use B2B data - once purchased, this top quality B2B data is yours to use as often as you wish over a 12 month period.
  • Suppress Orders Pay once - we can suppress all previous orders - so you have no need to worry about duplicate B2B data.

Our data-sets are sourced from over 50 leading data providers. Cleansed in house to ensure that you receive maximum accuracy. 

Get in touch to find out how we can give you access to the most comprehensive data for your business today.



Corporate Information

 Registered Office:

Corpdata Limited

Corpdata House, Den Crescent, Teignmouth, TQ14 8BQ

Company Number: 2690712   VAT Number: 600 9669 41


Mission Statement

Business Data Solutions aims to become the UK number one provider of pre-selected lists of B2B marketing data. We aim to be recognised for our impartial selection of products to suit our customers needs for accuracy and comprehensiveness.



Business Data Solutions are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest possible return on Investment in their direct marketing activities by securing and developing the most relevant Business Data available in the Industry today.